Grade School Program

Cornerstone Christian Academy teaches a well-rounded education using the learning outcomes set by BC’s Ministry of Education as the basis of our curriculum.
Throughout all grade levels, there is a strong emphasis on the building of important language skills such as phonics, reading comprehension, spelling, writing, penmanship, and communication. Every grade has library classes to encourage reading and development of research skills.
Mathematic skills are taught and reinforced to build up a solid foundation in numeracy. One of the major focus of the mathematics program is the development of problem-solving skills and strategies. Science and Social Studies are the remaining subjects that form the core of our academics.
Other disciplines include Physical Education, Music, Art, Bible Study, Personal Planning and Computer. The French language is taught in grades four to seven. Our music program begins at the early primary grades and introduces the basic components of music including singing, rhythm, and theory. In the intermediate grades, students will expand on their music skills and learn various musical instruments such as recorders, ukuleles, and guitars.
We have a fully equipped computer lab to be used by all grades. Starting in Kindergarten, students will be introduced to computer skills through simple programs. In the Intermediate grades, students will learn to use the computers as a tool and resource for research and different forms of media presentations and publications.
Resource Centre
We have a dedicated Resource Centre teacher who is available to provide extra assistance to students who may need additional attention to any subject area. In the centre, the teacher will be able to focus on the child’s needs and help reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom.
Outdoor Education Program
In grade 7, students participate in an outdoor education program that will focus on developing life skills through activities such as fitness, mapping, rock climbing, snowshoeing, and other sports. These activities will challenge the students’ body and mind. The students will also learn how to interact socially with the community. This program provides a healthy balance to the students’ academic learning at the Academy.
Biblical Principles and Character Building
The Academy and school staff are committed to this ministry as a way of serving our Lord Jesus Christ through working with children.
We are committed to helping children grow in their knowledge and appreciation of Biblical principles and values through our daily Chapel time, Bible class and integration of Christian principles into the daily curriculum. The basis of our Biblical principles is the same as that of Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church. A copy of our Statement of Faith is available for viewing upon request.
Students are also taught the importance of giving and helping those in need. The Academy has been involved with charity programs to help children in other parts of the world and families in the Richmond community.
Home Assignments
An important teaching avenue that the Academy utilizes is the assigning of homework. From Kindergarten and up, all children are given daily home assignments that they are expected to complete. Parents, who are in partnership with the teacher, are given the opportunity to be involved with their child’s education by ensuring the work is done and be informed about what the child is learning. The goals for giving home assignments are twofold; one is to develop responsibility within the child and secondly, to reinforce concepts taught.