We provide a positive learning environment that encourages children to discover, explore and strive to do their best. The weekly schedule is a blend of academic and thematic activities while integrating various disciplines such as language, music, and gym.
Junior Preschool (Three Year Olds, 4 sessions/week)
The primary objective of our Junior Preschool is to introduce the children to basic concepts, skills and routines of our program.
Senior Preschool (Four Year Olds, 5 sessions/week)
The primary objective of our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is to provide a more formal academic learning to help prepare the student for Kindergarten.
The focus of this component will be on phonics and reading readiness. The curriculum works through the alphabet, focusing on one letter each week.
Junior Preschool: The children learn how to recognize the letter and are introduced to prereading and prewriting skills.
Senior Preschool: The children learn the sound, recognition and printing of the letter.
The student will engage in activities designed to enhance listening, speaking and understanding the English language through stories, songs, and simple reading activities. The teachers provide a positive language role model to help the children along in their acquisition of the English language.
The numeracy skills that the children will be learning are recognizing, counting, sorting and measuring. As well, there will be an emphasis on the importance of numbers and their daily uses.
Science/Social Studies
These subject areas are integrated into our weekly themes and activities
The weekly schedule for the Preschool classes will include gym and library time. These subject areas will be opportunities for the children to become familiar with a different set of skills unique to these subjects.
Music is an integral part of every child’s learning. It is integrated into the curriculum. Also, the children will be able to interact with rhythmic instruments to learn rhythm and accompanying songs.
Students are encouraged to build up their abilities to care for themselves. Self help skills will be reinforced daily. These tasks will enhance the children’s self esteem as they master these skills. The children will be taught how to dress themselves, to care for their personal belongings and to care for the classroom’s supplies.
In keeping with our biblical beliefs, our goal is to help the children come to understand God’s love for them. We present Bible principles through stories and songs.
Fieldtrips are chosen to help extend a unit of learning. The trips range from in-house visitors to off site trips. Transportation will vary depending on the distance of the fieldtrips. Parents can help by volunteering to drive or by accompanying the class when needed.