Other Programs

Band Programs
For students who are interested in learning a musical instrument, our school band program is open to students in grades 4 to 7. Students will choose from a range of wind, brass or percussion instruments. This is a great opportunity for students to develop musical skills and learn to perform together as a group in school performances throughout the year.
Intramural Program
The entire student body is divided into four house teams to compete in various activities throughout the school year. This includes lunchtime relays and sports, reading program, academic based competitions, and Sports Day. Each team learns to work together to gain points for their houses. Students in grade 6 and 7 are house leaders. They learn leadership skills and how to take care of younger teammates. The houses are encouraged to display good sportsmanship, team spirit, as well as doing their best to win points for their teams. At the end of the year, the winning house is awarded the Kushnir Cup.
Extra-Curricular Activities
Each year, various clubs and after school activities will be scheduled for students to participate in. Activities vary depending on the interest of our staff and students. Currently we have arts and craft club, performance choir, games club and after school sports such as volleyball and basketball.