School Admission Procedure

Please contact the school for an application package.
A. Application
You are welcome to apply for admission to Cornerstone Christian Academy. Please complete the application form and return with non-refundable application fee and copies of all requested documentation to school office. Acceptance of the student’s application will place student on list of applicants subject to be interviewed.
B. Interview
Both student and parents/legal guardians are required to attend the interview. The interview will consist of delineating rules, procedures, and school policies to see if this is the appropriate school for the child. A contractual agreement outlining parent’s responsibility will also be reviewed. The Registrar may require the student to take part in assessments.
C. Acceptance
Acceptance of student into the Academy is dependent on Principal’s approval, interview results, academic standing of the student, and space availability. Student’s application can be accepted, placed on waiting list, or denied enrollment. Parents will be notified of student’s status. Students accepted into the Academy will receive an official acceptance letter. One month’s fee must be submitted when picking up Enrollment Packet.
D. Enrollment Packet
Our enrollment packet will be given once parents come to pick up the acceptance letter. Any additional forms in the enrollment packet should be returned with remaining year’s post-dated cheques to complete the enrollment process. Parents will have one week to complete the enrollment process. After one week, the Academy reserves the right to release placement to students on the wait list.